Trinity Alp's Information Center

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  1. Resort and Marina rules and info
    1. Rental clients must be 25 years or older with valid Id for boat rentals, 18 and older for Item rentals (tubes, etc.)
    2. No adding persons above capacity of vessel or item
    3. Absolutely no FIREWORKS, launching of WATER BALLOONS, GOLF BALLS, or any other dangerous objects
    4. No portable FUEL CONTAINERS on Docks, Houseboats or any boat moored on docks (due to explosion danger)
    5. 5 MPH in all parking lots, ramps and marina roads

    6. Parking is designated by type of client and passes need to be visible, park in designated spaces for your client type,
      passes may be acquired at front office (530)286-2282 or by lot attendant
      Season Passes Available for Public Lot $60 Before May 15th $40 Golden Age Card 1/2off
    7. Security Gates - open at 8am and are closed 1 hr after sunset gates are locked after hours so parking on point is for overnight clients only 

    8. No working on boats in the water, to include painting, grinding, welding or any other work where materials or debris may end up in the water
    9. Rentals are not allowed north of Trinity Center, this may result in forfeiture of rental and all fees paid

    10. No swimming or fishing in or 200ft around marina, dock, launch ramps, boats, buildings or buoys

    11. The tying together of houseboats is strictly prohibited whether parked or underway and will result in forfeiture of rental and all fees

    12. Renter's shall remain with vessel at all times during rental and shall not let underage or unqualified persons operate vessel

    13. Refunds will not be given for early returns, time loss due to mechanical failure, sickness, low water conditions, fire or smoke, or any other unforeseen event

    14. Late returns are subject to fees and penalties and renter will be responsible for any monetary damages to Trinity Alp's Marina and Resort. Failure to return rental at said time will result in a $200.00 per hr or any portion there of

    15. Unclean or Damaged rentals will be charged fees and penalties accordingly, unclean boats minimum charge of $100.00 cleaning fee, Damages to be appraised my dock management and will be responsibility of renter any monetary damages will also be added to final total
    16. No open flamed lighting including but not limited to tiki torches, large candles, or any other device that omits an open flame without proper shielding or containment
    17. The BEACHING OF SKI BOATS IS PROHIBITED and is grounds for rental cancelation and forfeiture of all fees and deposits no exceptions
    18. Do Not enter at any time, engine pods, hatches, electrical panels, plumbing access panels or any otherwise sealed and off limits part of the vessels this is for your own safety and the safety of others. The only time it is acceptable to enter said areas is in the event of a fire and you are putting it out with proper fire extinguisher then contact us immediately.
    19. Do Not approach docks with houseboats, go to point and radio dock on ch 72 we will come get boats and bring them to the dock

    House boat moorage clients receive 2 passes to be displayed in vehicles.
    Pontoon/Ski boat moorage clients receive 1 pass to be displayed in vehicle.
    Moorage Clients parking is located on the point below the tree line and in upper parking lot above office keep in mind gates close at 1 hr after sunset and don't reopen until 8am the following morning and will be locked for Security



  2. Bear and Rattlesnake Precautions

    Bears - Trinity County is home to many Brown and Black Bears and it is common to see them around the lake and surrounding forest and camping areas. There are some things to remember when dealing with bears.
    (California code of regulations 251.3 - prohibits feeding big game mammals)
    Do not leave food unattended, Hang ice chest and food containers 10 feet off the ground in trees or in car
    Remove garbage from campsite, Do not get between Bears and there food source

    Rattle Snakes - The Western Diamond Backed Rattle Snake is easily identified by it's distinct diamond pattern design and rattle at the end of its tail. Usually found under stumps, rocks and logs these cold blooded reptiles coil up in a tight coil rattling there tail to warn anyone who might be near, they can strike up to a few feet and carry a venomous toxin.

  3. Bald Eagles of Trinity and Shasta Lakes

    1. The Trinity and Shasta units support pairs of resident eagles, 18 pairs at Shasta Lake, 10 pairs at Trinity Lake and 3 pairs at Lewiston Lake. This constitutes about 20% of the nesting eagles in California
      Breeding season lasts from January 1st - August 1st during witch eagles reconstruct there nest, court, mate, incubate eggs and raise young eagles, after the first week in July young eagles are able to fly and start learning to fish

      The Bald Eagle is protected under the Endangered Spices Act of 1973

    Bald Eagles are large birds easily identified by a white head and tail on a dark brown body (adults 5+ years)
    Immature Eagles are dark brown all over with white mottling and molt every year until adulthood
    Adult Bald eagles can weigh up to 14 pounds with a wingspan of up to 8 feet, females are usually larger than males

    Breeding : Eagles mate for life replacing the partner only if lost through death. Pairs usually return to the same nest site in January or February. They build there nest high above the tallest trees and nest can reach 9 feet wide and 20 feet tall.
    They will lay one to three eggs in march and hatch in about 35 days
    Behavior : Eagles primarily feed on fish which is why the nest along shorelines, often eagles rob osprey and other wildlife of their meals. Eagles rely on their keen eye sight to spot prey. Eagles fly with there wings spread straight out and do not hover.

    Trinity Alps Marina and Resort can not be responsible for limited access to an area due to bald eagle encroachments
     and apologizes for any inconvenience occurred, We support the ongoing efforts to protect eagles in our area and reserve the right to forfeit any rental due to illegal or immoral acts against eagles and other endangered species, we will report any criminal activities.


  4. Boating regulations and information
    Registration and permits - all vessels must be registered and numbered except boats propelled manually, sail boats 8 feet or less in length without other means of propulsion, and certain public vessels. Out of state registration is valid for 90 days.
    Some boats such as houseboats require a forest service permit to be on the lake more then 30 days per calendar year.

    The boat operator is responsible for knowing the laws and regulations regarding Trinity Lake, boat operations and conduct of passengers in the boat. The operator must know proper procedure in the event of an accident.

    Speed - is limited to 5 miles per hour within 100 feet of swimmers (not skiers) and 200 feet of swimming beaches, landings, boat ramps and docks. Night time speed limit is 15 miles per hour and is in effect 1/2 hour after sunset and before sunrise.

    Water Skiing - is prohibited from sunset to sunrise and in swim and 5 mile per hour zones
    In addition to the operator there must be a person 12 or older in a position to observe the skier. Operators must be 16 or older or 12 - 15 under the supervision of an adult 18 or older who is not the observer

    Personal Watercraft - a lanyard must be attached between the watercraft and the operator, the operator can not jump wakes within 100 feet of a boat, cannot be driven towards another vessel, cannot be operated 30 minutes after sunset and before sunrise.

    Engine noise must be muffled or otherwise prevented from exceeding 82db when recorded at 50 feet
    Sanitation on the lake prohibits discharge from holding tanks and must be sealed and emptied at approved marina pumping stations
    for more information on
    Boating regulations and information click here or visit the California Boating ABC's

  5. Hunting and Fishing regulations
    Trinity Lake Area

    Present: Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow and Brown Trout, Kokanee and Chinook Salmon (Chinook are landlocked), White Catfish and Brown Bullhead, as well as Sunfish.

    Trout and Salmon: Open all year. Bag limit 5 per day, 10 in possession
    Trinity Lake has special regulations relating to bass.
    Black Bass Regulations:
    March 1 - May 31 12" minimum bag limit 2 / June 1 - February 29 bag limit 5
    Bullhead and other Catfish no limit
    This link will take you to the Department of Fish and Game web site for the most current general information.

  6. Maps and Resources
    A Map of Trinity Lake.  Map legend includes: Town, Restroom, Forest Service campground, Forest Service group camp, Forest Service boat-in camp, Wheelchair access, Horse camping and Marina.
    Trinity Lake is California’s premier Hunting, Fishing, Skiing and House boating area. With 145 miles of beautiful shoreline, waterfalls, creeks and secluded getaway coves.
    Trinity Lake is located 45 miles northwest of Redding CA, at the base of the Trinity Alp’s Wilderness Area the third largest water reservoir in CA, and is the second largest designated Wilderness Area in California and among the 10  largest in the United states. Featuring over 100 Alpine lakes, Trinity Lake, Lewiston lake, Ruth Lake, Upper and Lower Trinity Rivers, and more creeks, streams and rivers then you could ever explore. California's hidden secret Trinity County was an important mineral rich area during the Gold Rush and still to this day. With lumber, gold, silver, mercury and much more the county is the richest in California in resources but with a population of only around 14,000 and not a single traffic light in the whole county.

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  7. Suggested Items to bring on your trip
    Linen - pillows, bedding and blankets during off season bring a heavy blanket as well
    Cameras binoculars and video equipment
    Nighttime activities - board games, DVD's, CD's, books and other entertainment items
    Water toys, lifejackets, towels, umbrella, sunscreen
    Campfire Supplies - Axe, shovel, bucket, marsh mellows and smores